Friday, July 3

Party Dip:

Thursday, July 2


What do you call someone who gives up on their healthy diet?


A desserter!


Sorry, I heard that and thought it was cute so had to share :)

Sunday, June 28

5 Exercise Do's

1. Wear attire suitable for the type of training you're doing and your training conditions, IE. sneakers that fit and are the right type for the activity you're performing, clothing that will keep you cool if you're working out in the summer or indoors, and warm if you're working out in the cold outside.

2. Have a plan! Figure out before you start your workout what it is that you're going to do. This will make your workout flow with much more efficiency. Decide what muscle groups you're going to work with what exercises, or what cardio program you're going to do.

3. Take adequate recovery breaks between sets during your strength training workouts. At LEAST 30 seconds but a minute or more may be required depending on the weight you use and number of reps you do.

4. Warm up, cool down, and stretch every time you workout! This may be the most important rule when it comes to optimizing your ability to work harder for longer and recovering faster.

5. Hydrate! Drink water throughout your workout, especially if you're exercising in hot weather. Use your recovery periods between sets to grab some water, and make sure to have a water bottle with you during your cardio days. Remember, thirst is the first sign of dehydration, so don't let yourself get thirsty.