Wednesday, August 31

Sept. 12th!

I am starting a brand-new Fit Camp on Sept. 12th and would love for you to take part! If you are sick of feeling unfit, insecure, tired, and are ready for a change, or if you're simply stuck in a rut and are struggling with keeping your fitness level from plateauing, email me!

My Fit Camp concentrates on a total mind and body approach. We focus a lot on how our bodies feel and how our attitude effects our success. The workouts are challenging, but you will be shown modifications for every exercise so that you can work at a level you are comfortable with. It has to be tough to work, but it also needs to be safe and effective.

The Fit Camp program will run at 6:15am, noon, 4:30pm, and 5:30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I will offer classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays if there's a need for them as well. We will start the 8-week program outdoors at Confederation Landing Park, but an indoor location is lined-up in case we need it due to weather.

You can attend any 3 classes a week that suit your schedule to make up 24 classes over the 8-week period. There will be a cardio drop-in class offered on Saturday mornings (open to the public) that can be used as a make-up if you miss a class during the week as well (or as an extra workout for $5 if you want it!). If you're unable to attend the full 8-week program, or if your schedule only allows you to do 2 classes/week, you can simply pay for the number of sessions you know you'll be available to attend. Payment is to be made up-front by cash or cheque, or in two installments; the first up-front and second by post-dated cheque.

Program includes: 24 workout classes over 8-weeks, newsletters with nutrition information and recipes, at-home workouts along with a schedule of how to fit them in with your Fit Camp classes, a discount on November's Fit Camp, and more! Also, if you sign-up you can sign-up your spouse for 50% off!!

If you'd like to receive more information please contact me at 367-4929, or by email at Visit Embody Fitness Training on Facebook and find out how the current Fit Camp crew are enjoying the classes!