Wednesday, February 22

30-Day Challenge!

My next Fit Camp session is going to start on March 5th! I've decided to try out a new 30-day Challenge for this round and am so excited for it to begin!

This session is going to be intense! We will do a fit test for strength, as well as a cardio assessment (oh yes, beloved cardio drills!) and measurements (if you want them) at the beginning and end of the program. The workouts will be demanding, and I will provide you with nutrition information via newsletters, and weekly challenges to take part in as a group or at-home.

There are 2 packages available for this session. Package A is for 3 "Fit Camp" classes a week and Package B is for 5x a week (3 days of regular "Fit Camp" classes, and 2 days of cardio classes a week). Package B will really take things to the next level! This is an option I only recommend for intermediate to advanced fitness levels or those with exercise experience.

Class schedule:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Fit Camp classes at 6:15am, noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm (only 5pm on Fridays) at St. Paul's Church Hall on Prince Street
Tuesday, Thursday: Cardio-X classes at 5:15pm at the Spa
Saturday: Cardio-X class at 8:15am OR Cycle and Abs at 9:25am at the Spa

Package A (12 fit camp classes, newsletters, weekly challenges, etc) = $120+gst.
Package B (12 fit camp classes, 8 cardio classes, newsletters, weekly challenges, etc) $160+gst.
*The drop-in rate is $7 for the cardio classes if you sign up for Package A.

Cardio-X classes are only 45 minutes long and will be focused on burning maximum calories quickly and effectively. We will do HIIT workout, Tabata workouts, kickboxing, plyometrics, and athletic drills to ensure you leave soaked in sweat and feeling fantastic! The goal of these classes is to build cardiovascular endurance, increase speed, improve the body's ability to work with lactic acid, and to improve athletic performance (no matter what your sport!).

Fit Camp classes combine cardio and strength training for a fantastic burn! Building sexy, long, lean muscles and toning the body head-to-toe is the goal for these classes! We will improve the mind-body connection, improve coordination, balance, power, and core strength. We use weights, medicine balls, agility ladders, resistance bands, and some other fun equipment to keep the classes unique and to achieve optimal results.

Space in the program is limited to 10 people a class so let me know if you're interested in joining right away! If you're looking for a change and are ready for a challenge, email or cal 367-4929 to reserve your spot!