Sunday, October 24

A Few Perks...

I wanted to lay out some perks that will be included with my new Fit Camp that is starting in ONE WEEK!

First, you're getting 18 fantastic training sessions that will enhance all aspects of your fitness and keep you in an optimal calorie-burning mode! No two workouts are ever the same! You're also going to receive newsletters that will help you get your diet on track and make sure you know what to eat, when, and why! You'll also get a couple at-home workouts to do when you're not at class and over the holidays to keep you moving forward until the next Fit Camp starts!

You'll also get to attend my jog-training class on Sundays (weather permitting) for free for the duration of the Fit Camp! This class is a great way to build up your cardiovascular endurance, your speed, and power! It is NOT just for those who know how to jog, this class teaches you how! It's for all fitness levels and we stay together as a group. I will make sure you're working hard at your own level and getting a great, safe, workout!

At the end of November, all the Fit Campers are going to be asked to enter a 5km fun run/race with me, the cost of which will be covered! This is a FANTASTIC way to see how far you're fitness has come in only a few short weeks and when you cross that finish line, you will feel so powerful it will motivate you to set new goals and achieve them faster than ever before!

There will be plenty of other perks that you will discover throughout the duration of the camp! It's my goal to help you love exercise and achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and I will do whatever I can to achieve that!

Call or email me with any questions or concerns you may have. Remember, there's only one week left to register and space is limited, so reserve your spot before it's too late!