Thursday, November 18

Feel Sexy!

Looking good makes us feel good, and feeling good, helps us look good! The two go hand-in-hand. I was watching Kelly Osbourne on TV yesterday and she talked about her recent major weight-loss. She mentioned that she started by going out and buying really cute outfits to where to the gym. She said she'd do her hair and makeup to feel pretty before her workout too! It may sound kind of silly, but I actually think it's a great idea!

Go out and buy yourself some nice, comfortable workout clothes that fit the body you have now and make you feel good! You'll feel more confident as you walk into the gym or your fitness class to do your workout. When you feel confident, you'll also feel a bit more powerful and will be able to push yourself a bit harder during your routine. It's true that when you start to feel good about yourself, you'll start to want to better yourself!

I went into Zellers today between classes and they have really cute workout attire! It's inexpensive and actually really great quality! I also found a really nice workout section at Smart Set too! You don't need to go spending a fortune on this new outfit. Just something that fits well and makes you feel good. So go and treat yourself to some nice new workout clothes to help you start your journey, or get a bit more motivation to continue your journey, to a healthier and sexier new you! Just remember, the goal when you workout is not to model! You need to actually WORK, and sweat, and grunt, and feel the BURN! So, although you may look great before you're training, you better look like you worked damn hard at the end of it!! So, ladies, maybe sweat-proof mascara and skip the eyeliner! ;)