Friday, October 14

Smell the Roses

Mental health, I believe, is as important as physical health! So here's a goal for you: Aim to enjoy at least a part of every single day by doing something that makes you feel good about yourself and your life. Think for a moment about what makes you happy- maybe it's a hot bath, or a good book; maybe a walk with your favorite music playing on your MP3 Player or a good hard workout; perhaps a lunch date with a friend or a deep conversation with your spouse; whatever makes you feel it daily! You know, sometimes even just taking the time to reflect on the things that make us happy is enough for us to feel good. When you're stuck in traffic, turn off the radio, role down the window, and breathe. Think about your life and the positive things in it. Concentrate only on the good things for a few minutes out of every day, and the not so good things will become less and less consuming.

Also, try to realize that the longer our life takes to pass us by, the better- so when your week seems to be dragging on, see that as time slowing down so you can appreciate it better! Try to avoid spending energy wishing for the week to pass and for the weekend to come. We are only given so much time on this Earth and to wish any of it away too quickly should be a crime! Embrace Mondays. It's the start of a whole new week that's full of possibilities and potential! Plan for things to do on weeks days and let joy and excitement be a part of your work days too.

It takes time to adopt a healthy mind, just like it takes time to obtain a healthy body, but when you do it will change the way you live. Start just by spending a few moments each day to stop and smell the roses :)