Tuesday, February 8

New Fit Camp!

Alright, it's that time again! The time when I get to announce a brand-new session of Embody Bia Fit Camps, and the time you get the opportunity to take part in a program that will change your life :)

Embody Bia Fit Camps run for 8-weeks and are designed to change the way you live your life. You're going to be put through 24 demanding and intense workout classes that will test your will-power and determination! Every class is different, but the focus is always to make you sweat and bring your muscles to fatigue! We use various types of equipment and training techniques to achieve this. You will be taught how to have perfect form on every exercise, to keep you safe and optimize your results. You will never be bored! Feel free to check out Embody Bia on Facebook to see what current participants think of the program! Simply search "Embodybia" under groups!

The starting date of the next Fit Camp program is Feb. 28th. The classes are open to men and women, and everyone who registers for this session will receive a discount on May's upcoming outdoor program! There will be an uptown and downtown location and you have the ability to attend any three classes a week (1-2x/week registration is available- ask for details) at any location to suit your schedule. The classes are an hour each and the times are:

Downtown Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 6:30am, noon, 4:30pm, and 5:30pm

Uptown Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday- 5:30pm (Tuesday and Thursday), 9:30am (Saturday)

I'm excited to announce that this session will include a healthy cooking class with a registered dietitian, Jennifer Brenton, from the West Royalty Sobeys, as well as grocery shopping tour to help give you the tools you need to eat right and stay healthy during your day-to-day living. You will be put through a fitness assessment at the beginning and end of the program so you can see how your strength, cardio, and flexibility have progressed, I can do measurements if you'd like, and you'll also receive regular newsletters with advise, nutrition information, recipes, and motivational tips to keep you on track!

I'm also choosing a 5k race for everyone to take part in together for this session! In every Fit Camp program I try to encourage active living outside of the regular "purposeful" exercise programs. I've run many races with my clients and feel it's the perfect way to feel good about yourself and realize how fit you've become in only a few short weeks! We usually do breakfast together after the race and take pictures to celebrate our accomplishment!

If you're interested in learning more about Embody Bia's upcoming Fit Camp, please call (367-4929) or email me (embodybia@gmail.com) as soon as possible.
In order to give you the attention you deserve and the quality of training that's required to keep you safe, my class sizes are limited. This means you need to reserve your spot quickly!

Are you ready?!