Monday, September 20

New Fall Group-Fitness Schedule at the Spa!

This week marks the start of the new fall schedule of fitness classes at the Spa Total Fitness Centre. I'll be teaching eight classes a week at the Spa and all classes are open to non-members as well! Here is my schedule:

Monday, 9:30am: Total Body Strength Conditioning- Using various types of equipment, I'll work every muscle in your body, from head to toe, to tone you up! With some cardio, balance, coordination, and flexibility training included in every workout as well, this is a complete exercise program! Ideal for ALL fitness levels!

Tuesday, Thursday, 12:10pm and 6:10pm, and Saturday, 10:10am: BFit- One of my favorite classes! This is an interval-based workout that is held in the tennis courts. We do 3 minutes of cardio (jumping jacks, plyometrics, kickboxing, sport drills, etc.) followed by 1 minute of strength (lunges, squats, push ups, etc.). There is no equipment in this 45-minute class, instead you learn how to use your own body-weight for an unbelievable calorie-burning workout! It's great fun and modifications are always shown for low-impact options. Get ready to SWEAT!!

Wednesday, 9:30am: Cardio Blast- This brand-new workout will be similar to my successful "Total Body" class, but will involve some serious bursts of cardio to really get the heart pumping and sweat dripping!! With lots of equipment options, this class will be constantly changing to keep you on your toes!

Friday, 4:30pm: SPIN!- I loooove to teach indoor cycling classes and am so happy to be teaching one every week! Indoor cycling is such a great, low-impact workout! It burns serious calories and is a fantastic workout for toning and shaping the lower body and building core-strength. Make sure to bring your water bottle and grab a towel from the front desk for this one!!

Alrighty, those are my classes! Make sure to check some out :) And email me at if you have any questions!