Thursday, May 27

Attitude is Everything!

Do you ever stop and listen to how you talk to yourself? Are you encouraging, kind, and gentle? Or are you mean, discouraging, and harsh? Do you believe in yourself? Like, truly believe in yourself? That you're strong and capable and that, although some things may be difficult, you can push through and come out on top? If you do, pat yourself on the back, because you're one of the rare ones!

Life is short, very short. Far too often people spend their entire lives believing that they're not amazing. They walk through life never going for what they really want. They don't know the power that's within themselves to achieve the greatness they desire. This, is very sad. I was once a self-doubting individual but over time I've learned to change my ways. I owe my can-do-attitude to my father, who believed, and still believes, that I'm capable of anything. He encouraged me to learn how to encourage myself, and to give myself credit when due. I can't thank him enough.

In my line of work, I see so many different attitudes within various fitness levels. I've watched people who look relatively fit collapse after a simple exercise, shaking their head exclaiming that it's "too hard", then someone twice as heavy pushes through with ease and a smile on their face. With my experience as a trainer, I know this much is true: attitude is everything. Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right.

If you repeat, over and over in your head, "this is too hard, I'm not fit enough to do this" or worse "I could never do that" before you even try, you're doing yourself an injustice! Instead, say "Man, that looks tough, but I'll do my best!" and smile. When you're doing a really hard exercise, repeat to yourself "I love the burn, it feels SO good!" while grinning a devilish smile on your face that will let everyone around you know you're tough as nails!! It WILL make a difference in how you workout! It WILL make a difference in how you LIVE your life.
In order to succeed, you must first allow yourself to believe you're capable, and deserving, of success.