Friday, July 15

Who is Beautiful?

What makes someone beautiful? Or better yet, what makes you beautiful? Do you feel beautiful?

I was at the Halifax Canfit-Pro conference in May, and one of the speakers mentioned that some of our clients may never feel like they are sexy or amazing...and that made me so sad. It's stayed in my head ever since. I think about my clients clients and wonder if they know that they're amazing. Do they know that they're beautiful and do they allow themselves to feel beautiful? And this applies to men too!

The truth is, we need to widen our definition of beautiful. And we need to realize that if we don't already think we're beautiful, it's not because we aren't, but because we have a warped sense of what beauty is. In my opinion, YOU are beautiful because you are unique. Your beauty comes from what you provide to others in life, it comes from your smile and your laugh, your joy and your compassion. Your beauty comes from your ability to show others a different way to see the world. Your beauty comes from the things you accomplish, the power you have within yourself to achieve whatever you want to achieve. Beauty is in ones excitement, and happiness, and love.

I talked to a girl earlier this year, a young girl, early 20's, and she told me she wanted to lose 20lbs. I asked her, why? I looked her up and down and she wasn't heavy, and definitely didn't need to lose weight for health reasons. Her answer?

"Because then I'd be 20lbs lighter, and that's just better".

Devastating. How cruel we are to ourselves for believing the way we look can decide how we feel about ourselves. Let me ask you this: Do you think you'd be a happier person if you were 20lbs lighter? Really? If nothing else in your life changed, but you simply weighed less, you'd be a happier person? Why?

I use to think I was in the business of helping people lose weight. I'm happy that I no longer see my job as a trainer as being that insignificant. Instead my job is much more rewarding. I'm in the business of helping people become healthier, both physically and mentally. I'm in the business of helping people learn that happiness doesn't have to wait for a number on the scale. I'm in the business of helping people amaze themselves by accomplishing things they never thought they could!

My body is far from the image of perfection we've been sold by the media....and I'm fine with that. I am healthy, my body is strong, my body is flexible, I have great balance, coordination, and can run without feeling like I'm going to pass out, therefore my body is amazing. It does all that I ask it to, and then some. I keep focused on what my body is capable of instead of what it isn't, or what it looks like, and I am happy. No one can tell me that I shouldn't be happy because I don't weigh less. Can someone tell you that? Do you tell yourself that?

I honestly believe that happiness comes from having the right attitude about life, not about having a specific dress size. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and all our unique and therefore beautiful in their own way. Our attitude is what helps our beauty shine through. How do you get the right attitude? Well...exercise, ironically enough, can help. It helps us feel good about ourselves because we're looking after our bodies (not with the intent to lose weight, but to be healthy and strong). Also, keeping a positive inner dialogue toward ourselves and our life goes a long way to being mentally healthy, and therefore happy. Refuse to focus and obsess on what you consider faults. Don't compare yourself to others. Look at yourself with love and care like you would for anyone you are close to.

Losing weight can make you feel like you're happier temporarily, but it won't last if you don't change other behaviors in your life. And why wait to be happy? It's hard to do anything when you're depressed and negative! So start right now! Look in the mirror and give yourself a compliment! Do it daily. Talk nicely to yourself and focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. And impress yourself as often as you can. Try something new every 90 days, at least. Challenge yourself. Get out of your comfort zone. Go for what you want in life! Follow your heart, speak up when you have something to say, and be true to who you are.

Live life beautifully. Live it happily, and fully.