Wednesday, April 14

The BEST Part of Your Day!

Getting the motivation to exercise can be difficult, I know! Ultimately, your goal should be to make your workout the best part of your day! And it's not as hard as it sounds, really!

First, you need to make sure you're doing the RIGHT workouts. Nothing is worse than spending your precious time and energy doing what you think is correct, only to find yourself hitting a plateau and unable to achieve the great results you were hoping for. Finding a routine that is designed to get you where you want to be is crucial! In order to make sure you've got it right, seek help from a professional. What worked for your best friend, family member, or significant other, might not work for you.

Second, try a variety of workout styles and routines until you find something you find fun. There are SO many options available! You can do group fitness classes, one-on-one training, partner-training, indoor or outdoor programs. There's many different and fantastic types of equipment to use as well; the possibilities are practically endless so don't get stuck on machines!

My third recommendation is to figure out what time of day you like the most for working out. If you have the most energy in the morning, than fit it into your morning schedule so you're able to do your workout at a time that you feel the most positive. If you're a night-hawk, than you want to adjust your schedule and meal times so that your evening workouts fit into your lifestyle and you're eating properly before and after. The best time to exercise, no matter what you read that states otherwise, is the time that you feel you're at your best!

A few other small ways to make sure you enjoy your workouts to the fullest would be to bring an I-Pod or MP3 player with you so you can listen to all of your favorite tunes while you bust into a nice sweat! Also, eat a light carb-based snack approximately 30 minutes before working out to give you some extra energy; this way you can push a little harder and feel great about what you accomplished when you're all done! And make sure you let everyone (your significant other, boss, and children, most of all) know that your gym time is YOUR time. You're not to be bothered or interrupted. It's your time to release some tension, enjoy yourself, and take care of your body!

Let me know if you have any questions about how to make working out the best part of your day. I'm sure I can help you ;)