Monday, April 2

First Day in Our New Home!

Well, it's our first day in the new studio...and I LOVE IT! The studio is chic, well decorated, well lit, spacious, with big mirrors, nice floors, and lots of storage! I am very pleased with our new home and look forward to getting sweat on the floors every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for many months to come!

For those that can't come check out the new studio yet, here's an at-home workout to get you started!

do the first exercise for 30 seconds, and the second exercise for 15 seconds. Do 4 or 5 rounds before going to the next set. Let it burn!!

Push Ups/Superman (lift all 4-limbs off the floor, pause, then go back down)
Jacks/High Knees
Tricep Push Ups (aka military push ups)/Superman hover (hold up for the full 15 seconds)
Squat Jumps/Half burpees
Wide Push Ups/Superman Tilt (fingertips at temples, lift chest off floor and tilt elbow to hip- alternating sides)
Plyo-Jacks/Mountain Climber
Squat Press/Bicep Curls (heavy weights! at least 8lbs)
Jump Lunges/Cross Jacks
Lunge Tricep Overhead Ext./Leg and shoulder abduction (both arms, alternate legs)
Speed Skater (fast!)/Bunny Hop Twist

Remember to do a warm-up and cool-down!!! Post how you made out on the FB group page- 'Embody Fitness Training' and encourage others to try out the routine :)