Thursday, November 10

Life is Good

Today was fantastic :) I had another hour of yoga- major posture work today!!, then took a 10 minute walk up the street to my favorite little sandwich shop for a grilled chicken and pear sandwich with goats cheese and salad. I read my new book, 'Brand Like a Rock Star', relaxed, ate slowly and savored every bite! I enjoyed the walk back to my car, going back and forth between walking briskly because my muscles kept wanting to work hard, and walking slowly because it's nice to breathe and take life in!

It's afternoons like today that make me feel so incredibly lucky to have the job I have, and the life I have.

I did some work when I got home, and then it was off to teach my only Fit Camp class of the day. We used the swiss balls today and skip ropes and I had a blast teaching the new girls how to use everything! Lots of core work and balance training. The ball can be an incredible tool, although frustrating at times if you're not use to it :-P I don't think any of them got too frustrated today.

Fit Camp was followed by BFit to complete my work day. It was a small class today, but we got our sweat on, made our muscles burn and then did a solid 10 minutes on the mats for a total core burn before stretches. Felt good to get a sweat going on an otherwise lazy day.

Now I'm going to make a delicious salad, with mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, and some organic trail mix, while my wonderful fiance makes goats cheese stuffed garlic chicken for our supper :)

Take care of yourselves by eating a delicious and healthy meal for supper, satisfying your taste buds and your body's need for nutrients!

Tuesday, November 8

Feeling Good!

Did an hour of yoga today at The Yoga Room and then taught BFit, which is an intense cardio workout! The two in the same day are perfect :) I get my zen-like, deep, slow breathing, relaxed experience...and my sweaty, hard-to-breathe, muscles-BURNING experience. I love them both, and they make my day wonderful!

The weather was beautiful on the island today. I parked far away from The Yoga Room so I could enjoy the 10 minute walk before and after class. The air felt exceptional and helped me get into a "calm" frame of mind before class, and helped it linger on the way back to my car. Then it was off to get groceries, make lunch (a healthy tuna salad) and get ready for my following 3 classes :)

I hope all of you enjoyed your day and got some exercise in! Remember, doing something everyday will help you live better, and longer. Just be wise about what you do, when you do it, and how you do it.