Thursday, April 14

New Promotion!

Working out with your significant other can really enhance your workout experience, as well as your relationship! It's great to see your partner taking care of their body, and to show them that you're taking care of yours. It also helps you work on a common goal- to unite toward building a healthier lifestyle for yourselves, and for your family. I want to help you achieve this! So, I'm happy to announce that if you sign-up for the full Fit Camp in May, you can also sign-up your spouse for half price! Now, if your schedules differ, or if you have small kids and one has to stay home to watch them while the other does class, that's okay, you don't have to take the same classes in order for the deal to apply.

I want families to bond together by making healthy life choices! Although you may not be able to do your workouts together, you'll be able to talk about your experiences, challenges, and victories together; knowing you're going through the same butt-kicking will connect you on a whole new level!

Also, I'd love to invite you to come try out my classes on the 25th or 27th of this month to see what they're all about! These specific classes will be indoors at St. Paul's Church Hall on Prince Street. Classes on these days will run at 6:30am, noon, and 5pm. The cost is $10 and all are welcome to attend! So, bring your spouse, your friend, your family member, or coworker, and get ready to sweat :)

Email me at or call 367-4929 if you have any questions or concerns!