Tuesday, April 26

Final Information for Outdoor Fit Camp!

My outdoor Fit Camp starts in less than a week! I'm so excited :) Classes will be held downtown at Peakes in the centre of the oval track; talk about a beautiful location! Your first day of classes will be reserved for registration and our fit test/assessment, and you can get measurements done then too, if you'd like.

The schedule is:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday- 6:15am, noon, 4:30pm, and 5:30pm
Tuesday, Thursday- 5:15pm
Saturday- 9am
+Cardio class on Saturday- 10:15am

I'm also now offering two fantastic package options!

Package A for $275 Includes: 24 Fit Camp Classes + cardio class (32 classes total), healthy cooking class, grocery shopping tour, 5k race, newsletters, discount on July's Fit Camp Session

Package B for $240 Includes: 24 Fit Camp classes, newsletters, discount on July's Fit Camp Session.

Register today by calling 367-4929 or email embodybia@gmail.com

Sunday, April 24


Well, I was hoping to have two great locations for my upcoming Fit Camp session, but it looks like I will be unable to do any classes in Stratford for the time-being. The Town of Stratford is not easy to get permission from, apparently, so all my classes will be held downtown at Peakes! This location will be fantastic, so don't be disappointed! With a large gazebo to shelter us from rain, a circular track to do various drills on, a beautiful view, and a gorgeous boardwalk, this location promises to have endless possibilities for fun and dynamic workouts, and a comfortable atmosphere to do them in!

Time is running out and space is limited! Call or email me today to reserve your spot :) Remember, spouses can sign-up at half price, and I'm offering classes tomorrow (Monday, April 25th) and Wednesday (April 27th) at 6:30am, noon, and 5pm for $10 at St. Paul's Church Hall if you want to try it out!

Happy Easter, everyone!