Sunday, January 30

Show me what you're made of!

This is a shout-out to all my current Fit Campers! Congrats to all of you on making it half way through the Fit Camp program :) It's been an amazing 4 weeks working with all of you, and I'm so pleased with what you've been able to accomplish. Everyone's form has come a long way since day 1, and your attitudes and determination have really been inspiring!

Over the remaining few weeks, I want you to kick it up a notch! I'm going to go hard on you and want you to show me what you're made of! I want lower squats, perfect posture on your lunges, complete control through the core! I want you to jump higher, I want your push ups lower, I want you faster, stronger, and more focused! Bia is the greek spirit of force, determination, and power- I want you to embody all that she represents!

Don't get discouraged if I'm correcting your form more or encouraging you to push harder over the next few weeks. There will be no babying you from this point on! I want the best for you, and I want you to want the best for yourself. You have paid me to be your trainer- I would be doing you an injustice to expect anything less than your best ;)

Put a smile on your face- this is going to get good!