Thursday, December 30

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

January 3rd marks the start of Embody Bia's 8-week Fit Camp Program and, I hope, the start of your journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle!

The title of this blog, 'Are You Ready to Change Your Life?', is a serious question. I'm asking it because I do not expect any less by attending my program. If you're ready to receive the program as it's meant to be received, then you will change the way you live, and it will change your life.

I do not train people to lose weight; that's one of the results of my training, absolutely, but it's not my main focus in the majority of my cases and I don't believe it should be! I train people to; live healthfully and happily; remain strong and independent through the ages; have confidence and improved self-esteem; increase energy and allow them the ability to keep up with their kids and grand-kids; improve intimacy with their significant other; sleep better at night; reduce risk of injury, illness, and disease.

Now, with all that said, of course you're going to shape, tone, and sculpt your body in Embody Bia's Fit Camp. But that's just a bonus! This program is intense, and it will demand a lot from you- that is why it's going to change your life. You're going to surprise yourself in each class with what you're able to accomplish. You're going to walk out having done things you didn't think you were capable of!
That's going to make you feel like you can tackle anything! If you stay positive (as I'll encourage you to do- especially during the really tough stuff!) you will have a new sense of strength and drive to direct to all areas of your life.

I'm very excited for January's program and would love to see you there. I'm going to use various types of equipment to keep you on your toes, and no two classes will ever be the same! You'll receive regular newsletters with nutrition information, home workouts, and little tricks-of-the-trade that will help take you to the next level.

Class Schedule:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: St. Paul's Church Hall on Prince Street at 6:30am, noon, and 4:30pm

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: Spa Total Fitness Centre in the Ch'town Mall at noon and 5:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday, and 9:30am on Saturday.

Pick any 3 days a week that you're able to attend to make up the 24 classes over the 8 weeks. If you miss a class, you can make it up within the 8 weeks by attending any of the other classes on the schedule.

To register, or if you have any questions or concerns, please email me at, or call me at 367-4929.

Sunday, November 28

New Round of Fit Camp

I'm very excited to announce that I'll be starting a new round of Embody Bia Fit Camps on January 3rd!! This next Fit Camp will be 8 weeks long and, ideally, you'll choose any 3 days a week to attend. There will be morning, noon, and evening classes and two fantastic locations to choose from. Classes will be downtown on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and uptown Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. You will have the flexibility to move around between the different days, times, and locations to suit your schedule!

Check out Embody Bia's Facebook group page to find out from those in the camp, what it's all about! Search 'Embodybia' under "groups" or follow this link:!/group.php?gid=62817353938

Email me at, or call me at 367-4929, to register or for more information! Classes are kept small so you're not lost in the crowd, but that also means space is limited! Reserve your spot before there's no spots left!

**One and two day a week registration is available.

Thursday, November 18

Feel Sexy!

Looking good makes us feel good, and feeling good, helps us look good! The two go hand-in-hand. I was watching Kelly Osbourne on TV yesterday and she talked about her recent major weight-loss. She mentioned that she started by going out and buying really cute outfits to where to the gym. She said she'd do her hair and makeup to feel pretty before her workout too! It may sound kind of silly, but I actually think it's a great idea!

Go out and buy yourself some nice, comfortable workout clothes that fit the body you have now and make you feel good! You'll feel more confident as you walk into the gym or your fitness class to do your workout. When you feel confident, you'll also feel a bit more powerful and will be able to push yourself a bit harder during your routine. It's true that when you start to feel good about yourself, you'll start to want to better yourself!

I went into Zellers today between classes and they have really cute workout attire! It's inexpensive and actually really great quality! I also found a really nice workout section at Smart Set too! You don't need to go spending a fortune on this new outfit. Just something that fits well and makes you feel good. So go and treat yourself to some nice new workout clothes to help you start your journey, or get a bit more motivation to continue your journey, to a healthier and sexier new you! Just remember, the goal when you workout is not to model! You need to actually WORK, and sweat, and grunt, and feel the BURN! So, although you may look great before you're training, you better look like you worked damn hard at the end of it!! So, ladies, maybe sweat-proof mascara and skip the eyeliner! ;)

Monday, November 8

A Note On Trying

Strength is powerful, both mentally and physically, and both come from doing things you never thought you could do. One of the most satisfying things in life is surprising yourself. I've pushed myself out of every comfort zone I've known at some point or another, and it's made me a better and stronger person in every way. Never tell yourself you can't do something before you try! You are all incredible, and capable of more than you know. Start trying. The worst that can happen is that you'll learn a lesson, and a little bit more about yourself :)

Sunday, October 24

A Few Perks...

I wanted to lay out some perks that will be included with my new Fit Camp that is starting in ONE WEEK!

First, you're getting 18 fantastic training sessions that will enhance all aspects of your fitness and keep you in an optimal calorie-burning mode! No two workouts are ever the same! You're also going to receive newsletters that will help you get your diet on track and make sure you know what to eat, when, and why! You'll also get a couple at-home workouts to do when you're not at class and over the holidays to keep you moving forward until the next Fit Camp starts!

You'll also get to attend my jog-training class on Sundays (weather permitting) for free for the duration of the Fit Camp! This class is a great way to build up your cardiovascular endurance, your speed, and power! It is NOT just for those who know how to jog, this class teaches you how! It's for all fitness levels and we stay together as a group. I will make sure you're working hard at your own level and getting a great, safe, workout!

At the end of November, all the Fit Campers are going to be asked to enter a 5km fun run/race with me, the cost of which will be covered! This is a FANTASTIC way to see how far you're fitness has come in only a few short weeks and when you cross that finish line, you will feel so powerful it will motivate you to set new goals and achieve them faster than ever before!

There will be plenty of other perks that you will discover throughout the duration of the camp! It's my goal to help you love exercise and achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and I will do whatever I can to achieve that!

Call or email me with any questions or concerns you may have. Remember, there's only one week left to register and space is limited, so reserve your spot before it's too late!

Saturday, October 16

Schedule for Embody Bia's Fit Camp

Fit Camp Starts Monday, November 1st! Choose three classes that you think you will most regularly attend, but from there you can move around and switch days, times, and locations to suit your schedule.

1st Location: St. Paul's Church, Parish Hall, Corner of Richmond and Prince
Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Times: 6:30am-7:30am, 12:00pm-1:00pm, 4:30pm-5:30pm
2nd Location: The Spa Total Fitness Centre, Tennis Court, Ch'town Mall
Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Times: 12:00pm-1:00pm, 5:00pm-6:00pm (Tuesday and Thursday only), 9:00am-10:00am (Saturday only)

Email or call 367-4929 to register today! Space is limited!

Friday, October 15

6 Week Fit Camp!

Embody Bia
6 Week Training Camp!

Starting November 1st, Embody Bia is pleased to offer a brand-new training camp to help you jump-start a new active-lifestyle!

Here are some of the program highlights:

  • With the use of agility ladders, medicine balls, dumbbells, and bodyweight exercises, develop all components of fitness (incl. cardio, balance, agility, coordination, speed, strength, endurance, and flexibility) through dynamic, fun, and effective exercise routines!
  • Lose fat, develop lean muscle, have more energy, and enjoy feeling more confident!
  • Receive regular newsletters filled with nutrition information, exercise ideas, time-management tips, and ways to keep motivated!
  • Two convenient locations; downtown at St. Paul’s Church, and uptown at the Spa Total Fitness Centre. PLUS! You have the ability to switch between locations and times depending on your schedule! This “no-excuse” camp will ensure you stay on track!
  • Receive a discount on January’s upcoming 8-week Fit Camp!
  • All you need is a water bottle, mat, a set of dumbbells, and a great attitude!

This Program is open to men and women of all ages and fitness abilities!! I am a certified Personal Trainer AND Group Fitness Instructor- which means I received the education and experience required to safely provide a routine that allows each individual to feel that they are moving at their own pace, and are challenged within their limits! :)

For more information call Brittany Stephen at 367-4929 or email!

Tuesday, September 28

Can Your Success Be Measured?

Can your success, and your happiness, be measured by a piece of measuring tape, or a number on a scale? Can your accomplishments become greater or lesser by numbers on a piece of paper? I love my job and honestly believe I'm incredibly lucky to have found work in an industry I'm so passionate about, but there is one aspect that challenges my beliefs; it's the "weigh-in" and "measurement" time!

I create workout programs for a living; it's my job to help people learn how to exercise, and hopefully how to love it too! But becoming fitter and healthier, and adopting a new lifestyle that will help one live better for longer, just doesn't seem to be enough for some people! Instead of measuring success by how one feels, and how much they're able to accomplish, they use measurements and numbers on a scale to decide if they should be proud of themselves or not. Working out is thought of as a means to getting into a smaller pair of pants, rather than a way to meet new people, have more energy, relieve stress, become (or remain) independent, and generally live better!

Exercising has a whole WACK of benefits!! But by encouraging constant weigh-ins and regularly, and sometimes obsessively, measuring ourselves, we attach this idea that exercise is just suppose to shrink our bodies, and if they aren't shrinking we are wasting our time. The shrinking happens naturally if it needs to, and it takes time, but the other benefits of exercise are immediate! So why do we put so much focus on weight? Well, it's safe to say that we're living in a world that promotes the idea that skinny equals happy. Well, if that theory is correct, why are so many thin people unhappy? Shouldn't all the skinnies be walking around with big smiles on their faces all the time? Shouldn't I have been happier when I was thinner two years ago than I am now?

The honest truth is being skinny won't make you happier. That might hurt to hear right now, but soon you'll learn that it's a great thing because it means even if you're not the size you want to be, you can still be happy! Allow yourself to be enjoy life now rather than waiting until you fit into the next size down! Life is too short to put off happiness.

The pressure to be thin is too large. I have been underweight, overweight, and just right. Let me tell ya, the happiest I have been is when I stopped weighing myself! I live balanced. I love food and eat healthy at least 80% of the time, and when I indulge I don't beat up on myself. I love to workout and I love to relax and have a day off too! I enjoy myself, as often as possible. I don't weigh or measure myself because I don't believe I should have to! Should that number on the scale have the power to make me feel better or worse about myself? No, it should not!

I understand that there are people out there who need to lose weight for health reasons, and that checking their weight and doing measurements is important to monitor their health, but that's for extreme cases! I've watched people go through amazing transformations in my line of work. I've seen people start off shy and unsure of themselves, only to become confident, strong, and powerful! I've seen people do things they never thought they could do and seen them light right up with complete and utter happiness! Then...the dreaded weigh-in happened. They didn't see the number they had in their head as "acceptable" and left feeling discouraged. Talk about heartbreaking!

I want you to stop weighing yourself. I want you to stop focusing on numbers. Workout because it's good for you in a million ways! Eat right because you will feel better! Be happy right now, because life is too short to put it off.

Monday, September 20

New Fall Group-Fitness Schedule at the Spa!

This week marks the start of the new fall schedule of fitness classes at the Spa Total Fitness Centre. I'll be teaching eight classes a week at the Spa and all classes are open to non-members as well! Here is my schedule:

Monday, 9:30am: Total Body Strength Conditioning- Using various types of equipment, I'll work every muscle in your body, from head to toe, to tone you up! With some cardio, balance, coordination, and flexibility training included in every workout as well, this is a complete exercise program! Ideal for ALL fitness levels!

Tuesday, Thursday, 12:10pm and 6:10pm, and Saturday, 10:10am: BFit- One of my favorite classes! This is an interval-based workout that is held in the tennis courts. We do 3 minutes of cardio (jumping jacks, plyometrics, kickboxing, sport drills, etc.) followed by 1 minute of strength (lunges, squats, push ups, etc.). There is no equipment in this 45-minute class, instead you learn how to use your own body-weight for an unbelievable calorie-burning workout! It's great fun and modifications are always shown for low-impact options. Get ready to SWEAT!!

Wednesday, 9:30am: Cardio Blast- This brand-new workout will be similar to my successful "Total Body" class, but will involve some serious bursts of cardio to really get the heart pumping and sweat dripping!! With lots of equipment options, this class will be constantly changing to keep you on your toes!

Friday, 4:30pm: SPIN!- I loooove to teach indoor cycling classes and am so happy to be teaching one every week! Indoor cycling is such a great, low-impact workout! It burns serious calories and is a fantastic workout for toning and shaping the lower body and building core-strength. Make sure to bring your water bottle and grab a towel from the front desk for this one!!

Alrighty, those are my classes! Make sure to check some out :) And email me at if you have any questions!

Monday, August 23

New Sessions Starting at the Spa!

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to spread the word that I'm going to be starting up another session of the extremely successful Get Fit program, as well as a second session of my new Activ8 program!

Get Fit is small group personal training program that runs twice a week for four weeks. It's designed to educate you on how to exercise properly and help you develop PERFECT form so you can achieve the best possible results!! You will learn how to use new types of equipment and encouraged to try things you've never tried before! You can expect to improve all areas of fitness and truly develop a mind-body connection! You'll receive nutrition information and your eating habits will be monitored to insure you're diet is not hindering your results! Weight and measurements are taken at the beginning and end of the program.

Get Fit is ideal for people who are new to exercise, haven't exercised in some time, or for those looking to get off a plateau and add dynamic and fun new routines to their current regime! This program is for a MAX of 6 participants, so sign-up ASAP to ensure yourself a spot! I will be running this session on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:30pm starting on August 30th.

Activ8 is for groups of 8-12 people and is dynamic, fun, and extremely effective! You can expect to gain muscle, lose fat, and improve your strength and cardio significantly! The program runs twice a week for eight weeks and is half outdoors, half indoors. The workouts will vary every week to keep your body guessing and in a constant calorie-burning mode. There is a nutrition component and weight and measurements as well.

This program is INTENSE, and not recommended for new exercisers! It's very demanding, and you can bet you'll be pushed to your limits, but I PROMISE you will love it!

If you're interested in learning more about these programs, or are not sure which would be the most suitable for you to join, simply email me at or call the front desk of the Spa at 566-1400!!

Wednesday, June 30

Time to Get a Get Fit Membership!

There are some VERY exciting new happenings at the Spa Total Fitness Centre these days! With new Single, Couple, and Family "Get Fit Membership" options ($559, $899, and $999 respectively), the Spa is THE place to get a gym membership if you want to INSURE your success in obtaining your goals! The "Get Fit Membership" is explained in further detail below in a previous post, but, basically, if you want a gym membership and want to learn how to USE it to get unbelievable results, the "Get Fit Membership" is by far the greatest deal available....anywhere.

We're also going to have a brand-new indoor cycling studio and 15 NEW bikes!!! Renovations are underway now and other new equipment is coming too!! :-D Make this summer the start to a healthy and fit new lifestyle! Message me to find out about the numerous, fun, and results-oriented training programs I'm currently working on!

Tuesday, June 22

NGB Boot Camp!!!

This week is the last week of the Spring session of NGB Boot Camp, which means the new summer session will be starting very soon! I have had a fantastic time working with NGB over the past couple months and am thrilled to be a part of the next session as well! For details on the Boot Camps visit I am going to the instructor on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons from 12-1pm and evenings from 6-7pm. I also teach Tuesday and Thursday early mornings and every other Saturday! This program is highly recommended to anyone who's interested in training in the BEAUTIFUL outdoors as all classes are held at Victoria Park, rain or shine!

Tuesday, June 15

Get Fit Membership

Many people buy membership to a gym with full intentions of getting in great shape and strong hopes of achieving amazing result. Unfortunately, many have no idea how to workout. Many people have no clue what equipment they should be using, let alone how to use it properly! Insecurities kick in quickly, and visits to the gym become few and far between. I hate to see this happen! So, I am thrilled to announce that the Spa Total Fitness Centre is now offering a fantastic new membership option that will protect you from buyers remorse! I'm proud to have implemented a new "Get Fit Membership" that will allow you to purchase a year long membership, AND learn how to use it to get in the best shape of your life! This membership includes the following:

  • 1 year full membership to the Spa Total Fitness Centre
  • My 'Get Fit' program which consists of 8 small-group personal training sessions over the course of one month
  • Invaluable exercise instruction to make sure you perform movements correctly to get the most out of your workouts and the fastest results possible
  • Fun and dynamic cardio and strength routines designed to keep your body in calorie-burning mode and achieving optimal results
  • Weight and measurements at the start and end of the 'Get Fit' program as well as 6 months into your membership to make sure you're on track
  • Nutrition component that will teach you how to eat, what to eat, when to eat, and why. You'll be required to keep a food journal for 2 weeks so your habits are monitored and adjusted as required
  • Continuous support via email newsletters; providing you with ongoing nutrition information, exercise ideas, motivation, and time-management strategies
  • Discounted price on my "Activ8" program once successfully completing "Get Fit"
Let me give you the education you need to feel confident in the gym setting! This new membership option is the first of it's kind and is absolutely invaluable to your success as a new member! If you have any questions, message me or call the Spa at 566-1400 :)

Thursday, June 10

Race With Me!

There is a 5km race that I'm going in with a bunch of my hardcore-dedicated clients, and I'd LOVE for you to come too! Even if you've NEVER run before, this could be your starting point! This could be the beginning of your fantastic journey to a healthier you! Most of my clients that will be there have never run a 5k before, so it will be a first-time for many!

The race is on Saturday, June 19th and I promise you won't regret coming! You can find the details here:

This will be a lot of fun and you will be timed, so it's a good way to track your progress. Come, meet me, start your journey, and have a blast! Message me if you have any questions!

Thursday, May 27

Attitude is Everything!

Do you ever stop and listen to how you talk to yourself? Are you encouraging, kind, and gentle? Or are you mean, discouraging, and harsh? Do you believe in yourself? Like, truly believe in yourself? That you're strong and capable and that, although some things may be difficult, you can push through and come out on top? If you do, pat yourself on the back, because you're one of the rare ones!

Life is short, very short. Far too often people spend their entire lives believing that they're not amazing. They walk through life never going for what they really want. They don't know the power that's within themselves to achieve the greatness they desire. This, is very sad. I was once a self-doubting individual but over time I've learned to change my ways. I owe my can-do-attitude to my father, who believed, and still believes, that I'm capable of anything. He encouraged me to learn how to encourage myself, and to give myself credit when due. I can't thank him enough.

In my line of work, I see so many different attitudes within various fitness levels. I've watched people who look relatively fit collapse after a simple exercise, shaking their head exclaiming that it's "too hard", then someone twice as heavy pushes through with ease and a smile on their face. With my experience as a trainer, I know this much is true: attitude is everything. Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right.

If you repeat, over and over in your head, "this is too hard, I'm not fit enough to do this" or worse "I could never do that" before you even try, you're doing yourself an injustice! Instead, say "Man, that looks tough, but I'll do my best!" and smile. When you're doing a really hard exercise, repeat to yourself "I love the burn, it feels SO good!" while grinning a devilish smile on your face that will let everyone around you know you're tough as nails!! It WILL make a difference in how you workout! It WILL make a difference in how you LIVE your life.
In order to succeed, you must first allow yourself to believe you're capable, and deserving, of success.

Thursday, May 6

It's Time To 'Activ8' with Embody Bia

I'm excited to announce a new group fitness program that will help get you in the best shape of your life! My new program, Activ8, is a guided personal training program that will keep you mentally and physically sharp and focused. This program runs twice a week, for 8 weeks, and will start very soon!

One of the best things about 'Activ8' is the variety of workouts! Some days we'll go outside for a jog (don't worry if you're currently unable to jog- I'll teach you how and we'll progress slowly to make sure everyone is working comfortably at their own fitness level), or we'll meet at a park for a dynamic and fun workout using the natural objects around us as equipment, and other times we'll meet at the Spa Total Fitness Centre (located in the Charlottetown Mall) for weight training and fun new cardio techniques!

I'm going to launch two programs at once, one at 7:30pm on Monday and Wednesday evenings, and one on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 4:30pm. This is a program best suited for intermediate exercisers, but will accommodate all levels of experience. If you're not sure if it would be right for you, message me for more information!

I can't wait to start this new program! Contact me at for pricing!

Friday, April 30

Out Door Boot Camps Starting Next Week!

There's not much time left to sign-up for the NGB Boot Camp ladies! I'll be teaching Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at noon as well as 5-6pm and 6-7pm, Tuesday and Thursday mornings 7-8am and 8-9am, as well as every other Saturday from 7-8am and 8-9am. I'd love to help you get in the best shape of your life this summer! Message me for details or visit to register! We start NEXT WEEK!!! :-D

Friday, April 23


Did you know that you will achieve significantly greater results in your weight-lifting routine if you simply focus on the muscle you're working? It's true! Studies have shown that those who let their mind wonder during their weight-lifting routines don't get nearly as much out of their workouts compared to those who simply thought about what they were doing and what muscles were contracting. It's called "Neuromusclar Facilitation".

Having a strong connection between your muscles and neurological system is crucial to performing movement and exercise; so the next time you're performing any exercise, focus on the muscle you're working and how it contracts. Let your mind create a stronger contraction to get the most out of every rep!

I tend to put new-exercisers in front of a mirror; it encourages them to pay attention to how their body is moving and they can actually see the muscles contracting. It helps create strong pathways from the brain to the muscle so that when the brain sends a signal, it gets to the muscle faster and is able to create a stronger, more effective contraction.

Now, cardiovasular exercise doesn't follow the same rule, not really. You can hop on a treadmill and watch TV, or let your mind float off to reflect on your day, and you'll still burn the same amount of calories. It's with strength training that the mind plays such a huge role.

With a strong mind-body connection your results will sky-rocket, and the possibilities for what you can achieve will be endless! Start to engage your mind in your strength-training workouts for optimal results, and watch yourself transform!

Wednesday, April 14

The BEST Part of Your Day!

Getting the motivation to exercise can be difficult, I know! Ultimately, your goal should be to make your workout the best part of your day! And it's not as hard as it sounds, really!

First, you need to make sure you're doing the RIGHT workouts. Nothing is worse than spending your precious time and energy doing what you think is correct, only to find yourself hitting a plateau and unable to achieve the great results you were hoping for. Finding a routine that is designed to get you where you want to be is crucial! In order to make sure you've got it right, seek help from a professional. What worked for your best friend, family member, or significant other, might not work for you.

Second, try a variety of workout styles and routines until you find something you find fun. There are SO many options available! You can do group fitness classes, one-on-one training, partner-training, indoor or outdoor programs. There's many different and fantastic types of equipment to use as well; the possibilities are practically endless so don't get stuck on machines!

My third recommendation is to figure out what time of day you like the most for working out. If you have the most energy in the morning, than fit it into your morning schedule so you're able to do your workout at a time that you feel the most positive. If you're a night-hawk, than you want to adjust your schedule and meal times so that your evening workouts fit into your lifestyle and you're eating properly before and after. The best time to exercise, no matter what you read that states otherwise, is the time that you feel you're at your best!

A few other small ways to make sure you enjoy your workouts to the fullest would be to bring an I-Pod or MP3 player with you so you can listen to all of your favorite tunes while you bust into a nice sweat! Also, eat a light carb-based snack approximately 30 minutes before working out to give you some extra energy; this way you can push a little harder and feel great about what you accomplished when you're all done! And make sure you let everyone (your significant other, boss, and children, most of all) know that your gym time is YOUR time. You're not to be bothered or interrupted. It's your time to release some tension, enjoy yourself, and take care of your body!

Let me know if you have any questions about how to make working out the best part of your day. I'm sure I can help you ;)

Thursday, April 8


So I'm getting ready to teach my next class which is at 6:10pm this evening at the Spa Total Fitness Centre! It's called 'BFit' and is a TON of fun!! It's an interval-based routine; for 3 minutes we do intense cardio drills (kickboxing, plyometrics, athletic drills, etc) and then we follow that with 1 minute of strength (squats, lunges, pushups). There's no equipment in this class, instead I teach you how to use your own body to achieve an unbeatable calorie-burn and fantastic workout.

This class is only $5 for non-members of the Spa, and $2 for members. There's no registration required- just show up with a drink, a great attitude, and get ready to work!!!

Thursday, April 1

Outdoor Training

The nice weather is definitely upon us and it's at this time that I like to start taking my training outdoors! The fresh air and natural light seems to make every workout more enjoyable and you might find you're even able to push yourself harder on an outdoor program.

It's easy to create outdoor workouts using the land around you for equipment. If you're interested in training, I'd love to show you a dynamic and fun routine outside!

I'm also very pleased to announce that I will be teaching outdoor boot camps starting May 3rd through a company called NGB! These outdoor boot camps will be held at Victoria Park and each boot camp session runs for 8 weeks. For more information and to sign-up, visit or message me for details!

Tuesday, March 23

A New Get Fit Program

So for the past two months I've been running a program called 'Get Fit' through the Spa Total Fitness Centre. I wanted to mention the program on my site because it is open to non-members of the Spa too! I've had such great success with it that I wanted you all to know about it :) It's a lot of fun and is less than half the price of regular training, so is great for those who are on a tight budget!

'Get Fit' is a small-group personal training program designed to get you in tune with your body and on your way to being the healthiest you have ever been! It is for groups of 3-8 people and runs twice a week for 4-weeks.

There are 8 sessions in total and in each session we'll focus on fun new cardio routines, proper technique and form for strength training your entire body, and flexibility to promote relaxation and to improve posture. We use lots of interesting equipment, including bosus, medicine balls, agility ladders, and resistance bands! There's also a nutrition component to ensure you're eating properly for optimal success!

The next program is starting in April, so if you're interested in signing-up please message me for details ASAP!