Saturday, November 19

I had 2 great workouts today and have been struttin' all day as a result! This morning I put my Fit Camp crew, and myself, through a super sweaty cardio routine and finished it off with some core work on the mats. We cooled down, stretched, chatted about wedding disasters (usually we talk about health, nutrition, fitness, life, etc. but one of my campers is getting married and is having wedding dress drama, so the conversation went there, lol) and then I came home to wake up my fiance to join me for another quick workout! And no, not the naughty kind ;)

I don't usually recommend working out twice in 1 day, but lately most of my workouts have been with my classes, and I'm missing my own routines. I push harder on my own, always, right to fatigue! I love that, and crave it, but don't want to get to complete fatigue in front of a class. And many of my participants are beginners, so if I'm just barely surviving the routine, that isn't good for them! I push hard in class, because participants need to see that, and I'm tired and sweaty after, and my muscles burn, but it's just not the same. It's also nice to be able to try new things on my own instead of trying it out in the class (obviously). There are exercises, routines, sets I want to try before I introduce them to my amazing clients :)

So home I went, woke up my darling, and we did a quick 16-minute cardio-based routine. It was fun, fast, and I got to sweat again (I love to sweat!). Another reason for the extra workout was that we have a party to go to tonight and I'm allowing myself a few drinks, and know I won't be able to refuse some of the delicious treats that will surely be there. I figured a few extra calories burned will help :-P

I will post the workout tomorrow, so come back and check it out!

Enjoy your Saturday!


Sunday, November 13

New Food Ideas!

I found this link on Twitter and thought I'd share. I am embarrassed to say that I myself haven't tried many of the "alternatives" but am excited to give them a shot! I am totally going to try the sunchokes fries ;)

Eating healthy means getting lots of different fruits and vegetables into our diet. All veggies and fruits have different benefits, which is why it's important to mix it up often! If you eat a wide variety of nutrient-rich foods, you shouldn't need to take any kind of supplements to obtain optimal health.

Let me know which is your favorite or which alternative you're looking forward to trying out this week!



I live and breathe exercise and fitness. I read blogs, books, and articles, watch videos, and train people from all walks of life day in and day out. I talk about fitness, think about fitness, and dream about fitness. It seems like it would be easy for me to constantly be motivated to exercise, right? The truth is that there are days, though thankfully not too often, where I want to just sit on the couch and eat snacks in front of the TV. There are days where I want to stay in my pajamas and relax, and the idea of putting on my workout gear, thinking up a routine, and getting all sweaty, just seems like a bother. Motivation isn't in constant supply for most people. Sometimes we have to actively find our own motivation to do the things we know need to be done.

I have never regretted working out. Not once in my life, have I ever thought "man, I really hate that I worked out today" or "geez, I feel like crap for exercising". Sometimes just remembering that fact can get me off my arse and excited to sweat! Sometimes not.

Think for a moment about what motivates you to workout, or scares you about not working out. What is it that drives you to improve on yourself? It's a very individual question and there is no wrong answer. Some people are motivated by pictures/images/thoughts of people in shape, or out of shape. These ideas of fit and/or unfit people either encourages or scares them into, or out of, certain habits and patterns. If thinking about an obese person scares you into getting off the couch and into your workout, than post a picture in a place you look at often for motivation. If flat abs and a tight booty motivate you, post a picture of that! Others are motivated by looking hot when they exercise! If that's you, go by some sexy workout clothes and do your make-up before your routine! I may seem silly to others, but if it works for you and you get a great workout in as a result, who cares! Maybe competition drives you- so workout with a friend or start recording your workout results on a piece of paper, ie the weight you used, the reps you did, how long it took you to complete, etc, and then try to beat your personal best every time!

When I'm feeling sluggish, I go to YouTube and watch workout videos. When I see fit people working out hard, I remember how good and strong I feel when I work out, and I instantly can't wait to put on my sneakers! I know that this pattern works for me. I know I can't watch exercise, and not want to exercise! So it's my little trick on lazy days.

It takes some thinking and reflecting to realize what motivates you- but taking the time to do it will help you stick to your workout schedule with a lot more ease! On the same note, finding out what discourages you from working out is important as well! Feeling like I have way too much on the go can make me feel like I skipping my working out. Knowing that about myself has caused me to come up with a few really short workout routines. They only take 10-20 minutes and by the end of it, I'm drenched in sweat and feel fantastic!

If you find out what motivates/discourages you but don't know how to use the information constructively in ways to help you, let me know! I can help you come up with methods based on your likes/dislikes to ensure you stick to your routines!

Well on this subject, I must also say that it's okay to miss a day every now and then. Beating up on yourself because you skipped your workout is not positive behavior, and will do you no good in the end. So, if you simply can't find the motivation and miss your workout, learn from it and move on. Try harder the next day to stick to your schedule. Exercise hard, and relish in the feel-good after effects!

Below is a quick workout that only takes 16 minutes to complete. Perform each exercise for 50 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Do all 4 exercises and then repeat the circuit 4 times. I did this routine today and followed it with about 15-20 minutes of yoga. I think today would have been a good day for a longer workout, as I didn't quite get my fix, but that's okay, I'll go for a brisk walk later :-P

4 Jump Lunges/5 Mountain Climber Jumps: Get into a lunge position. Jump straight up, switching legs in the air so you land back in a lunge with your other leg forward. Once you've completed 4, bring your hands to the floor beside the forward leg, and jump your legs up to switch so that your other leg is between your hands. Keep jumping to switch legs until you've completed 5. Stand back up and do lunges again, repeating the sequence until your 50 seconds is complete.

Plyo-Jack/Knee Tuck: Stand with your feet together, arms at your sides. Jump and open your arms and legs out wide in the air and then quickly back down so you land softly back into the starting position. Then jump your knees in toward your chest for the knee tuck, land soft.

Plank Heel Taps: In plank position on your hands, bring one knee in toward your chest, keeping your foot off the ground, and touch your heel with your hand using the arm on the same side. Return hand and foot back to starting position and perform on the other side. Make sure you keep your belly button pulled in, and shoulders over your hands.

Scissor Crunch: Lay on your back with one leg straight up, and the other leg straight and just an inch or two off the ground. Crunch your upper body up toward the top leg, and as you lower your upper body back down, switch legs and repeat. Alternate and make sure your keep your abs strong. If you feel pain in your lower back, place your hands under your glutes and/or bring your leg that's hovering off the floor higher off the ground.

Hope you all enjoy!

Brit :)