Thursday, May 26

30 Minute SWEAT!

Looking for an intense cardio workout but a little short on time? Try out this routine:

After a 3-5 minute dynamic warm-up, perform each exercise for 1 minute, back-to-back. Rest for 1 minute after completing the last exercise and then perform it 2 more times.

Stutter steps: get your heels off the floor, stay on the balls of your feet! Keep your abs tight and go low to make it extra hard. Speed, baby! Go fast!!

Jumping Jacks: I'm just starting you off easy ;) But you get what you put into it! Get height, go fast, and make your range of motion BIG!

Jump Knee Tucks: Alright, here we go! Jump high and tuck both knees up toward your chest! Go as fast as you can! Land soft!

Plyo-Jacks: Start with your feet together, and hands at your sides. Jump up, opening your arms and legs as wide as you can, and then close them before you land! Land soft!

Burpees: Oh yes, the dreaded burpee! Jump up and reach your arms as high as you can, bending your knees as you land into a squat, hands to the floor, jump your legs back so you're in a push up position, then jump your legs back to your hands, stand and jump again. Burn, baby!!

Ski jumps: Keep your feet together, knees bent, lean over and jump side to side, using your arms for a big range of motion! Don't round your spine, keep your chest open, head up.

Side jumping high knees: Stand with your feet wide and alternate bringing your knees up at an ankle toward your chest. It's almost like jumping side to side, but lift your knees and go FAST!! Let your arms move too.

Cross punches:
Ok, the roughest part is over! Get your heart-rate down just a bit so that you don't throw up when you go to the floor on the next 2! Punch corner to corner, twisting through your core. Keep your abs tight! Punch fast, punch hard!

: Get into plank on your hands. Pull your knee out wide toward your elbow on the same side. Keep your upper body still. Alternate legs and move as fast as you can. Ignore the sweat dripping off your nose!

Sit up/knee tuck: Perform a regular sit-up, but when you lean back, extend your legs straight out, heels on the floor, and when you come up, pull your knees into your chest, tapping your heels on the floor close to your glutes. You can have your hands at your sides for support if you need to, and you don't need to have your back actually touch the floor to feel it! If you can't do a full sit-up, just lean back as far as you can and it'll still work great! You can also do one leg at a time.

Ok, so there's my Sunday routine when it's too yucky to go for a run or when I'm short on time! If you're really short on time, you don't have to do all 3 rounds! Anything is better than nothing, so do what you have time for. Each round only takes 10 minutes if you don't break between exercises. This is also a great workout to commit to if you don't feel like working out. Just tell yourself you only have to do 1 round, 10 minutes of work, and then you can go back to the couch! Once you start, you may find you want to do the other 2 rounds! But if you don't, at least you did something :)

Hope you like it! Let me know how you do on my Facebook group page- 'embodybia'