Friday, April 23


Did you know that you will achieve significantly greater results in your weight-lifting routine if you simply focus on the muscle you're working? It's true! Studies have shown that those who let their mind wonder during their weight-lifting routines don't get nearly as much out of their workouts compared to those who simply thought about what they were doing and what muscles were contracting. It's called "Neuromusclar Facilitation".

Having a strong connection between your muscles and neurological system is crucial to performing movement and exercise; so the next time you're performing any exercise, focus on the muscle you're working and how it contracts. Let your mind create a stronger contraction to get the most out of every rep!

I tend to put new-exercisers in front of a mirror; it encourages them to pay attention to how their body is moving and they can actually see the muscles contracting. It helps create strong pathways from the brain to the muscle so that when the brain sends a signal, it gets to the muscle faster and is able to create a stronger, more effective contraction.

Now, cardiovasular exercise doesn't follow the same rule, not really. You can hop on a treadmill and watch TV, or let your mind float off to reflect on your day, and you'll still burn the same amount of calories. It's with strength training that the mind plays such a huge role.

With a strong mind-body connection your results will sky-rocket, and the possibilities for what you can achieve will be endless! Start to engage your mind in your strength-training workouts for optimal results, and watch yourself transform!