Wednesday, June 30

Time to Get a Get Fit Membership!

There are some VERY exciting new happenings at the Spa Total Fitness Centre these days! With new Single, Couple, and Family "Get Fit Membership" options ($559, $899, and $999 respectively), the Spa is THE place to get a gym membership if you want to INSURE your success in obtaining your goals! The "Get Fit Membership" is explained in further detail below in a previous post, but, basically, if you want a gym membership and want to learn how to USE it to get unbelievable results, the "Get Fit Membership" is by far the greatest deal available....anywhere.

We're also going to have a brand-new indoor cycling studio and 15 NEW bikes!!! Renovations are underway now and other new equipment is coming too!! :-D Make this summer the start to a healthy and fit new lifestyle! Message me to find out about the numerous, fun, and results-oriented training programs I'm currently working on!