Thursday, April 30

How Many Sessions Does It Take?

If you're looking to hire a trainer, you may be wondering what type of package you need to purchase in order to get the results you want and the best bang for your buck. Every gym has different options available, but when it comes to Embody Bia, I require a commitment of no less than 8 sessions to start.

When you are new to exercise, the early stages are the most important and the more you can learn in the beginning the faster you'll reach your goals. Why waste time doing things the wrong way when you can spend a few weeks learning the right techniques to carry you through for months? Another thing to point out is that your first few sessions should be close together. You don't want sessions booked weeks apart until you've already learned proper form and how to exercise the appropriate muscles to achieve the results you desire. Give yourself time with a trainer to develop muscle memory and body awareness so that when your sessions are over you won't have more questions than answers, and won't need more sessions until it's time for a program change (usually about 6-8wks).

I also require 8 sessions so that I know you're ready for change. If you were to come to me wanting 2 sessions, I would tell you it's not worth your time or money, and I would be doing a disservice to you if I was to accept such an arrangement. I'm trying to teach you how to LIVE! That takes time. It takes work and effort from both of us to get you on the path to a healthy new lifestyle. What you need to consider is whether or not you're worth it, whether or not you're family's worth it, and whether or not you're ready for change!

Wednesday, April 29

Living Better With Green Tea

I'm big on green tea, and we all should be! The health benefits to drinking green tea are numerous and include protection from certain cancers, aid in weight loss, immune system boost, stress relieve, and even bad breath, and that's just to name a few!

If you don't like green tea, drink it anyway. I am a firm believer that your body and taste buds will adapt if you stay consistent and you'll start to enjoy the foods you never thought you'd eat. Example, I use to despise sweet potatoes, 100% natural peanut butter, fish, cottage cheese, and green tea. When I learned the health benefits of these foods I forced myself to eat them. The peanut butter was the easiest adjustment and I can't stand the taste of the other stuff now, sweet potato was the hardest and it took me weeks to like it, but I've grown to love them!

Just try a cup a day! Feel free to sweeten it with some honey or get use to the wonderful natural flavor all on its own :) There are health benefits to the caffeine in green tea as well, so don't feel that you need to buy the decaffeinated kind.

For more information on the many benefits of green tea, follow this link:

I hope you all go buy some today and if you hate it, keep drinking it and I promise it'll get better!

Tuesday, April 28

How to Start

So you're looking to start living healthier and are itching to fit into those super cute short-shorts from last summer, you know, the ones you "somehow" grew out of over the winter? So how do you start? With so much information out there it's hard to know what's bull crap and what's actually good advise.

Well, we must understand that we're all different. What might work great for one person might not work for another. Some people need to place bets against themselves, some need to have a buddy to hold them accountable, and some just need to hit bottom before they can get up.

Generally, you need to start with your diet. Try to focus on incorporating more fruits and vegies in place of fried, fatty, sugary foods. Don't think so much about what you "shouldn't" eat; think about what you should eat and keep positive. You want to try being more consistent and eat regularly to keep you blood sugar levels from spiking or dropping.

With exercise, it's ok to take baby steps! So many people push themselves too hard in the beginning and the change they undertake is so drastic that they're unable to keep it up. Begin with simply moving more. Don't over think things, just move! Walk as much as possible (buying a pedometer has been proven to increase the number of steps someone takes in a day) and when you're ready, start a workout program that includes cardio, strength training, and flexibility. You only need to start with 2-3 days a week to start seeing improvements. I always recommend hiring a trainer so that you know what exercises to do to get the results you want, and how to do them properly.

So, like I said, everyone is different but the steps I mentioned above are general guidelines that everyone can follow. I think the most important factor is the level of motivation to do what it takes to get what you want. Find what motivates you and the rest is easy!