Sunday, July 5

Flip Flopping on Whether or Not to Continue Wearing Flip Flops.

I have been experiencing crazy pains in my back and knees lately, and I'm realizing why; it's flip flops! Every single time I've worn the cute, simple, and casually stylish flip flop I've had aches and pains.

High heels get such a bad rap, but it's becoming clear that flip flops are more harmful to your body than those sexy stilettos. When we wear flip flops we automatically adjust the way we walk to try to keep them on our feet. And, obviously, there's no structure or support whatsoever. Our heels need cushioning!

Now, I'm not suggesting that everyone chuck out their flip flops, but I am suggesting that you only wear them around the pool or when you know you're not going to be on your feet for very long. I also recommend trying to find a sandal with a back strap. Anything that helps keep them on your feet is going to really reduce the stress on your body.

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