Friday, April 17

Another Note On Burning Fat

I spoke in my last post about fat burning, and it kept me up last night, seriously. I don't think I quite got my point across, lol!

If you are burning carb calories by working the energy system that uses it as fuel, then you will still get rid of the fatty areas you despise. You don't have to work in the "fat burning zone" to burn fat from your body. That zone is burning fat calories, but if you're overweight it's because you accumulated a surplus of calories from all sorts of foods. Think about it, if you ate carbs and nothing else, and you overate, you would get "fat", even though more of the calories come from carbs.

Your body uses fat caloires for energy when you do the least amount of work. Right now, as I'm sitting here moving nothing but my fingers, I'm in a "fat burning zone". You can do exercise in the fat burning zone as well, like walking for an hour slowly, depending on your fitness level. Some experienced athletes can train in a fat burning zone during more intense exercise because their bodies are better conditioned to extract oxygen from the blood to use in the production of energy.

If you are looking to lose weight or don't need to lose weight but want to improve your overall fitness level, you should work hard enough to get your heart beating at about 55-90% of your heart rate max (220-age=HRmax). If you are new to exercise, stay within 55-65% and then you can increase intensity gradually as you become more fit.

Hope this makes sense!

PJ- take the long way home and go slow if you want to train in the fat burning zone (though I don't know why you would want to?).

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