Saturday, February 14

Happy Valentines Day!

Looking for a great way to spend some quality time with your someone special? Try a partner workout! Couple training is one of my favorite types of training and any couple can try it. You don't have to be at the same fitness level or have the same fitness goals.

Try going for a walk together, or plan an activity for the whole family such as snow shoeing or skating! You can also do strength training exercises together, using mirror training or exercises that involve staying in sync- like side step squats or lunges.

Your partner can really help you get a great stretch at the end of your workout and lets you get, and give, some "hands on" attention...who doesn't want some of that!?

The benefits to working out with your significant other are numerous, but some of the most important are:

Safety- having someone there to spot you and make sure your form is right can help prevent injury and keep you safe.

Respect- when you look after yourself and take care of your body, it lets your partner know you want to be the best you can be, for yourself and for them as well.

Support- having a person there to encourage you will make your workout that much more effective!

Quality time- if you're a couple that's always on the go, getting to the gym is usually just one more thing keeping you apart. Go together! Even if you're doing completely different workouts, you can at least enjoy the drive there and back together!

All-around development- a lot of people either train only by doing cardio, or only doing strength training. If you and your partner's training habits are different, working out together gives you the opportunity to increase your fitness level in a way your are not use to.

Also, in honor of this special day of love, follow this link to find out the many health benefits of getting "frisky" with your significant other:,,446m,00.html

But of course, the health benefits are just a bonus right? Go have fun!
bow chicka wa wa *wink*

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  1. Wow! You have really great tips on your site, I read them all the time, but this is the best one yet! I tried couple exercise and it is a LOT of fun. We laugh a lot :} Keep the tips coming, their very helpful.