Monday, March 30

Moncton Conference

So, I went away this past weekend to Moncton for a CanFit-Pro conference. In order to stay certified, it is mandatory that I keep current with my education by participating in continued education course each year. Of course, with my attitude of wanting to become one of the best of the best, I am learning whatever I can whenever I have the opportunity to.

This weekend's conference was fantastic! There were five 90min. courses in one day, and all hit on basically the same thing; muscle imbalances and how to train the body in a functional way to improve daily living.

It is amazing to me how our bodies work. I learned a lot of new exercises and how to make the body work the way it was designed to so that the movements we make naturally in life are preformed safer and more efficiently.

I was taught that if you want to target every single muscle in the body, you only need to do three exercises: plank, side plank, and bridge. Who knew it could be so simple?! Of course, in order to keep overloading the muscle you need to change those three exercises over time to be more complex. I learned many ways to change the intensity of these three base move. Man, what a work out!

I can't wait to start integrating some of these new exercises into my classes, and am looking forward to training my clients with this new fresh information in mind!

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