Saturday, March 21

Nice Weather Jogging!

Spring is here and the joggers are out!

If you've been on the treadmill for your workouts all winter, I encourage you to get outside for a jog now that the nice weather is upon us. If you take my advise, don't be surprise by how much harder it is; jogging on the treadmill is a lot different than jogging outside.

Think about it, on a treadmill you're basically just moving your legs up and down as the "floor" moves underneath you. When you're outside you use more muscles in your legs because you have to propel yourself forward. Also, the terrain outside is obviously different. Stabilizing muscles get called into play that are otherwise unused on the even surface of the treadmill.

So, get out there and enjoy the challenge! Your body will adapt before you know it and the change of scenery makes all the difference in the world. Check out the PEI RoadRunner's website and pick a race as a goal to work towards!

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