Wednesday, March 4

What is Failure?

Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, this time more wisely.

- Anonymous

We really need to change the way we think...well, most of us do. Understanding that beating ourselves up won't do us any good plays a huge role in our success. Feeling like we are failures won't motivate us to become winners.

Being in the fitness industry, I hear a lot of people talk negatively about themselves. People jokingly call themselves lazy or fat in a "well, it's just the way it is" kind of manner. No good ever comes of calling yourself names, or beating yourself down.

How can we feel worth it inside to make the changes we need to when we always label ourselves with negative and degrading terms? How can we want to work on becoming healthier when we don't feel respect and adoration for who we already are? Changing the tone of voice we use, and the words we use to describe ourselves will make a big difference in our mental health and strength.

So, right now I'm asking you, telling you, to stop being so mean to your inner self. Stop saying that you "suck", or "can't do it"!!
Stop using terms like "fatty", "pig", or "couch-potato". And, good grief, chuckling at the end of such an insult doesn't make it a kind statement. It doesn't make it funny, and doesn't mean you've just accepted the way you are and have a good sense of humor about it.

We have ups and downs. We go through times where we don't feel valued. We miss workouts because we're stressed and we think it's pointless, or eat everything in sight for comfort. We get emotional, we hit plateaus, and we all get stuck in ruts throughout our lives. It's the inner dialogue that dictates whether or not we'll have the courage to pull through and thrive in the toughest times.

Stay positive and be nice to yourself! Believe you are worth it, because you are and believe you can reach your goals, because you can!

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